Sometimes I wonder if I have become the woman that I always wanted to be?
I know that at a very young age I was in doubt of myself and I knew that something was different about me. I was having to live as a boy when I wanted to live as a girl. Today they are saying that for the most part we all have a choice as to how we live our lives. They are right in some aspect of things. Like for me, wanting to live as a woman, yet knowing that my body say’s I am a man. This is the choice that I have, live in a deep depression all the time because I cannot be what my mind tells me I am, or live free from all the which eats from the inside out, to be that woman that is inside of me. I am not saying that my life as been any better living this way, for sure not here in Ga. anyway, but I am the one that made that choice to live here along with all these ignorant *** people to teach them that they are no way prefect themselves. If they were to stop and look in the mirror they would find that the ignorance becomes them.
I never said that I was beautiful, but I sure can stand on my own two feet here.
So as to the statement that we have a choice as to how we live our lives, yes we do, we live it for ourselves, because it makes us feel better about us, it has nothing to do with you.
I may not be beautiful, but I would say I look pretty damm good most of the time….5372044902_93ba8d0513_n


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