Need Help

Hi, my name is Bobbie Jean Chiasson and last Friday there was this black man that let his pit-bull go and he attacked me because the man did not like what I am. I am a 64 year old transwoman and when I called 911 they sent a traffic cop on a 911 call and he told me nothing but lies about what would happen. It took 5 days to get the animal control people to come get the dog that attacked me to check it for rabies. when I called the officer he told me not to call him anymore and hung up on me. I then went down to the city police department to file a compliant on the officer and I was told that they did not want to go that far, I said yes I did and then I got arrested and put in jail. now I have to go to court while the black guy that allowed his dog to attack me in the first place had nothing done to him, please can you get me some help here. I live a on a fixed income and I only have around a year left to live, because of my health. What can I do?

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