Just another day in my life

I called my mom a couple of days ago, because I wanted to talk to her so bad, not noting what would come of it I took my chances. It was good to talk to her again it had been a long time and when last we talked it was not good for wither of us. The were things said that maybe should not have been, but they were.
It is hard to try and love someone that the only memories one has of them is that they were dragging me across the cane rows back in the 50’s and I was only like 4 years old then and my little brother was only three. She then gave us to the welfare and from that time on, until I was 17 I was under their care which really sucked in those days, like a night mare in most places, I remember living in this place for two years and only being allowed to eat potatoes and that was only once a day at night. But that’s all water under the bridge now, when she found out that I was a transgender the told me that there was no such person in her family like that and that I was not part of that family anymore. Well we talked about all that and now that she has gotten old and really bad sick, she is saying that god is punishing her for the things she did to me. I told her that the only thing that hurt me was the fact that she did not try and protect me from the family, she allow them to talk bad about me and just walk away from me. She was my mother and it was up to her to be the leader there, but she failed me on that part of our lives. I do’t know what it is like to have a real mom that would care for me, so if you do have one that does, love her with all your heart, because you’ll only have one mom in your life time.. I am glad that we talked and maybe we will again, it is sad that we had to come to the end of our lives to get here…..


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