I Battle Depression

As someone that deals with depression on a daily basis I feel that by writing about it, it makes me feel better and it also allows me to share what I feel with you. Sometimes I can get my strength from you and that helps me deal with my own depression. I try to tell myself that I have a lot to live for, yet I cannot help but feel that the pain I have to deal with is sometimes harder then I care to deal with. Like tonight when I sat down to try and eat my supper, only to feel the pain become stronger as I tried to eat. I have had all kinds of test and still more to come, I have seen a doctor everyday this week except for today and still have to see one in the morning. I have a hard time trying to breath and it is getting worst everyday, yes I have congestive heart failure, but there is more to it then just that. I have tried to put my life in Gods hands because I know that he will care for me and do with me as he so choose’s. I have known that he has protected me all my life and there is a reason that he keeps me here. I am sure that his reason’s are for more important than my own. He wants me here for something. I can only write about the way I feel and tell you that I cannot give up. I know that most of the time things look like that will only get worst, but that is not always the truth. There have been times in my life when I should have died but I did not. I have even felt the present of God as he held me in his hands and the bullets flow pass my ears so I could hear them as they flow by.
I know it is hard, but we most keep moving forward, never to give up, because one never knows what tomorrow will bring, it good very well be the best day of your life.

I am Miss Bobbie Jean and as hard as it may seem I still have a dream…”one race called the human race”.


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