This is just my point of view.

There is this young real good looking man walks into a coffee shop and waits for his company to show up. Now we have a middle aged man walks in and joins the younger male. They greet with a hug and show a lot of love and joy to see each other. All of a sudden the owner walks up to the table and tells them that they are not welcome in the coffee shop. When the older man ask why, what had they done to be treated this way?

The owner now tells them that he has the right to refuse service to them on religious grounds. The older gentleman ask what religious grounds was he talking about? The owner tells them because they are gay he does not have to service them. so the two men just got up and walked out without saying another word to the owner.
When they walked outside the younger male looked at his Father and said to him, Dad we’ll just have our family Reunion at another restaurant. The Father told his son that he was proud of him for not being like the owner of that restaurant.
The point here is they have only hurt themselves because of their own ignorance.


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