“Battling Depression”

I have found that writing is good for my soul, it helps me to deal with the depression in my life. Everyday I have to deal with the fact that I live in a place that doesn’t want me here and living as a transwoman has given me the opportunity to see people at their worst. I live in a world where Christianity rules and for the most part I have seen just how rude and hateful they can be. I have yet to understand how can one sit in church and say that they believe in God, then walk out of that church and tell me that I have sinned and I am going to hell just because I am trying to live my life the way I need to live it. You see if I had just lived as a male , I would not have seen the true face’s of the bigot’s that try to run everything around here. I have never seen so much discrimination anywhere else in the world. But all in all I know that God has a reason for me to be here. I truly believe that he has put me in this place to teach and show that we are not all the same in his eyes. I am me and you are you for a reason. We are all teachers of a sort, I teach that being a bigot is wrong just like discriminating is wrong. 

Everyday I try to thank the Lord for my life here on earth because soon I will not be here anymore, just waiting for him to open that door. I have to try and be strong for him, and for myself just like you must be strong for yourself. I know that depression is a hard thing to deal with and fight, but you can win, I trust in you that you can, all you have to do is try.

This is a little something I have written for you. Maybe it will help you in some way. You have my love and most of all you have Gods love.





In the darkness, you have shown me the light,

You have created the stars to make it bright.

When I can feel the wind blowing on my face,

I know then, that you are here in this place.


You have made me to feel humble,

You have done this so I will not stumble.

You have taught me to give all that I could,

Yet you knew somehow that I would.


You have shared your love with me,

That is why I have given my love back to thee.

You have made me to feel strong,

Even if sometimes I have been wrong.


You are my Lord my God,

I no longer have to wonder why.

The strength that I have found in me,

I have somehow gotten it from thee.


Thank you my God.

Written by Miss Bobbie Jean,

Yes I have a Dream,

One race called the human race.”

© 2014 – 2015 Living transgender All rights reserved


One thought on ““Battling Depression”

  1. My heart goes out to you, what you face and what i face is why i am still too much of a coward to transition. ((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))

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