Every now and then we find someone that is not afraid to stand out above all others. Someone that is willing to try and make a difference in life for everyone around them.

I have been fighting this battle trying to change the way people here in south GA. look at transgenders and anyone else that is different but I have yet to do so. I have watched as these groups have helped out many young people in schools and other places to try and find some kind of order for them in public, yet it seems like it never mattered what had happened to me here no one ever cared. I am not sure why anyone never came to stand with me.

I had hoped that I would make a difference here and I guess I will never know if I do or not, more then likely I will not live that long to find out. We all have our reason for doing what it is we have done in this life here on earth and we are all hoping that what we do is right in the eyes of God, because according to society only God will be able to judge me in the end.

As I look back through the times I feel that everyone has a special part to play here. As we cross the great barrier to move forward someone has to stand above all others. As hard as I have tried I don’t feel that I have done so. Maybe if I had been younger or even more beautiful then people would have taken me more serious, because I am old and broken down no one really cares what happens to me. I have been standing alone for so long that I have gotten used to it. As the law here has told me time and time again that the laws will only work for me, if the community that I live in accepts the laws and that will not happen here, they just don’t want me here, or anyone like me for that matter.

Now we have come to a time where society is again trying to shove their rules down our throats and make us evening more vulnerable in public by have to show what we are when we go to the restroom. It is hard enough out there to fight against the hater and by being even more discriminate again makes it easier for them to sort us out. We just as soon put up a sign saying, “Hey I am a transgender kill me.”

Personality I don’t want to use the men’s room anywhere I go and for the most part if I have to I will not do business there.

I believe that the thing that I am trying to say here is that there is a young man that has stood above the rest and is making a difference in our world as we know it. He has shown that he is the kind of man that would make anyone proud to have in their life. He is fighting for the right to use the restroom of our choice, not society’s choice. It is hard enough just to go out there and deal with the public, because not all of us are able to past as good as others, so we really don’t need the extra attention when just trying to go pee.

By passing their laws all they are dong is putting us out in the public eye that way any one that hates us we know who we are, that will be a problem for some of us, myself I can and will take care of myself, but there are those that are weak and will not be able to do so, who will stand up for them? Maybe that is why some of the LGBT community is having a problem with all this, I believe that for the most part this will be better for the whole community not just a few.

Myself I have been attacked not only on the internet, but in my real life as well, it is not something new for me, so I will stand my ground and stand with Michael as long as he is out there. He is someone to be proud of, not just a “fly-by-night-kinda-guy.”

As I come to an end here I want to say that we all need to stand up and fight for our rights, no one is going to do that for you, if you want to be free to chose the way you dress, you need to stand with the rest. Battles were not won by sitting on your ass, stand and say no more BS, lets make a difference here and now. We have someone out there risking everything he has for us, let’s stand with him.

I am Miss Bobbie Jean Chiasson and yes I have a dream.


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One thought on “MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

  1. i too live in South Georgia and your beautiful post brought me to tears. i echo your thoughts. i wish that i had your courage. i wish i had you as my friend.

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