Science Just Proved That Being Transgender Is Not a Phase

Sometimes we feel like we are alone in a battle for what is good and right for all those that it affect’s. I am proud to find that there are others that are making a stand to try and win our battle for the right just to live as we are, we ask nothing of anyone but to accept us as part of the human race.
Just because I have chosen to dress the way I do, because it makes me feel true to my inner self, does not make me some kind of monster that would take your kids or your women to please myself. I would not dress as a woman if I wanted a woman, I would be a man, because as a man I had no trouble getting a woman. I feel that for me being a woman fills more of my needs and allows me to be me. I did not like the man in me, I was afraid of him, because I knew what he was. I am the one that put him in the closet to protect me from him.
When I go to a restroom, I go just to pee, and I am very careful as to where I go. I will not go in a place where the bathrooms are open to more then one at a time, that way I don’t have to make anyone feel uncomfortable. If the is a restroom where either sex may go, that is where I’ll be. Life has more important things to worry about instead of worry about where I pee. It could be a lot worst, that we don’t have bathrooms at all, like in some countries….

Please stand with us and try to show people that we are all the same in the end, just human beings trying to live our lives as we see fit, not as they see us living it…

Our culture is undeniably uneducated about transgender individuals.


Science Just Proved That Being Transgender Is Not a Phase


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