To Live And Let Live!

For as long as there has been Christianity they have tried to keep people from living their way of life. If the church and Christians did not want it to be they would move to have it put down by forcing their beliefs of their religion on others. First is was about the women wanting to get out of the home and be part of society by working and going out in public. It was sinful for a woman to be seen alone walking in public or even talking to a man. To work out of the kitchen was unheard of at that time. A woman’s place was in the Kitchen and in the bedroom. It took years of hard work to make things happen to improve a woman’s life style, but it happened.

Next we had the colors being faced with worst judgment from the Christian community. It did not matter if a colored man would fight in the war, he could not sit in a white section to eat his meals or use a white’s bathroom. It was another long and hard fight to win some kind of freedom, I still remember as a child seeing coloreds being beaten just because they were black. But there were men like Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy that would change that for them.

Here come the Queers and steers time to fight and take their place in this battle for civil rights. The Gays were the next in line to be judged by these so called Christian Fascists. To be gay was no more than being the Devil himself, straight up from the fire’s of hell and damnation.

Now they have no one left but us, As A Transwoman I can say us because I am one of these people that are being judged today and my freedom has been taken away from me a long time ago. I have been beaten and raped, not allowed to use public restrooms or live in a certain community. I have been banned from eating or doing business with some places and it is only getting worst for me here. I don’t live in a foreign country I live in America the land of the free and yes I did also fight for the Freedom that I wish for. I have lost everything that I had to live my life for myself so I could feel good about myself, yet I am still paying the price for that.

Now once this battle is over and someone wins who will be next?

Will it be the Christian Fascists that so try to rule everything today, maybe it is time for them to be judged and discriminated against for a change, but wait we are not like that are we, we don’t judge someone because that are different, at least I don’t.

Thank you my name is Miss Bobbie Jean and yes I have a dream.

Let’s make the world a better place with one race called the human race…..

I am A Living Transgender.

© 2014 – 2015 Living transgender All rights reserved


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