Fighting for my life!


Sitting here looking out my window and thinking to myself why would anyone feel the need to cut my tires again? It has been a few months since that were cut before and I was hoping that it was over, but as you can see I was wrong.

It had taken that long for us to try and get to the point where we could try and sleep at night again. Maybe getting our life back to some kind of order.

You would think that after losing like 16 tries that I would be used to it. It is something that you just can’t get used to and you can’t even understand how someone could do so much damage to our lives here like that. Trying to understand what is making this person do such a thing? What is behind his madness?

I believe that the first thing they trying to do is cost me money as to hurt me financially and to hurt me mentality. They are trying hard as they may to see just how far I can be pushed before I break and come on unglued. The thing is here where I live I am the one that is to blame, because of the way I have chosen to live my life. The law has even told me this and for the most part they don’t really care what happens to me. To many times I have been told that I should leave from here that I was not wanted around here.

I think that they feel, if they can show me so much disrespect that I would want to leave. I believe that if they show my neighbors that I am some kind of monster that should be forced out of the park, by writing those papers saying that I am a “predator”and “child molester”that they would want me to leave, I am sorry I am not any of those things, just trying to live my life.

On top of all this my health is getting worst. I will now have to do a bone density test to see just how bad my back is getting. I was told not to try and walk to far, because of the stress it puts on my heart. I am in pain 99% of the time and it does not look like there is much they can do now.

I have more reason to be depressed then most people do in a life time and it is very hard to deal with this all the time.

For the most part I am getting no answers from the law and none from my doctors, it is overwhelming. Having a bad heart all this is not good for me. The doctor I talked to yesterday ask if I was seeing a counselor? I told him that I was not, he said maybe I should be.

So as you can see there is a lot that one can take, as hard as it may be at times, one can never give up. Fight to the end, stand your ground, look for a hint of sunshine out there, because there is.


Written by a very depressed human being still trying to live a dream.

Written by Bobbie Jean.





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