Fighting Depression!

Every time we look around we can see where someone has tried to or has ended their lives because of dealing with depression alone.
It is not something to play with, depression can and will kill you if you choose to let it. Many of us deal with some kind of depression all the time, weather or not we show it is something else.
You may think that you are ok and you’ll get over it, but it will always be there.
For many years now I have walked out into the public eye and they can be real cruel to people like ourselves, mostly because they don’t know how to deal with us. Understanding what a transgender is, is the first step to understanding us. It is not that we just want to wear a dress, it is that we have to wear that dress for us to live and feel the freedom of life just like everyone else does.
When someone that calls themselves normal dress’s up to make themselves feel better is not wrong, so why should it be wrong for us to dress up the way we feel the need to.
I may have been born a male, but I don’t see a male when I look into that mirror. I see a woman with an open heart and needing the same love and understanding as any woman would need.
Knowing that I am dealing with depression helps me to try and understand it. If I was to just let myself allow what people around me say, them it would get to me so bad that I would not want to go out and shop or anything else that I have to do to live. I have a friend and my friend tells me that the best way to show them that you don’t care is to go on with your life like as if they are not there. Do not allow their ignorance to over come you, because it can and will over run you.
I know very well how hard that can be, because I am one those that hear every little thing that is said. I have been in bad spots because I have said something back. I really hate people that are cruel and discriminating. All my life have have tried to stand up for what is right and ignorance is not an excuse for being cruel or rude to people.
I have more then likely seen more head shrinks than most of you, and they have no clue of what I am or who I am, but remember I live in the deep south of Ga. For the most part people like me should not be allowed to live at all.
I will be 63 years old next month and as long as I have breath in my body I will stand up for the right’s of transgenders to live free from ignorant and discriminating people. I have nothing else to lose because they have taken everything from me. In the past 6 months I have had to buy 14 tries for my car and van and I still have a car sitting on 4 flat tries because I cannot afford to buy tries for it. My neighbor felt the need to get my attention, so they cut 14 tries in my yard in two weeks time and nothing was done about it, so if you think that I have not had to deal with depression you are mistaken, At the same time I was being told that I did not have the right to live here and dress as a woman in the front of their kids, but they had the right to call me names and be as cruel and ugly as they saw fit to be.
Like I have said I am not in anyway a perfect person, but I an not that monster that they have tried to make me out to be.
Point is here to be depressed is not something to play with, Try to chat with someone here or in real life, sometimes it can help, they don’t have to know anything about being a psychiatrists they just need to know how to listen……
I have been there and still deal with depression everyday of my life, but I can not and will not give end to their ignorance..Walk tall, walk strong for you are not alone.

Written by someone depressed ,yet understanding.
Written by Miss Bobbie Jean……



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